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Pay Per Click Services

We at Sunita Network Pvt. Ltd. Offer various custom PPC packages i.e. Pay Per Click packages for administering and supervising your web presence. PPC means you have to pay some amount of money for each click you get on your advertisement.

How does it work?

Sunita Network Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading PPC service provider and provides out of the box strategies to serve as a best PPC management company in Noida. Here is a list of tactics we apply in our campaign:

Business AnalysisFirst we analyze your business and their potential market and their interests. Depending on the number of search queries, we decide best and specific keywords to meet your requirements.

Website AnalysisFirst we analyze your website thoroughly as a customer and then setup call per action to ensure that some of the coming traffic to website changes into conversation.

Deciding TargetWe decide the goals for the specific keywords and track them to know the insights of which keyword is performing well.

Budget ManagementWe manage each campaigns and keyword performance and remove keywords which are not performing very well to manage bids.

100% ROIWe always give 100% ROI or even 101% as we always try to get maximum output of minimum input. In least investment, we provide best traffic and sales result.

Our PPC campaign offers:

The services under our PPC campaign are covered;

Copywriting : We make a list of keywords which are most relevant to the general search terms along with effective copy to give a best possible start for your PPC campaign.

Page Optimization : We optimize your site in a way that when a user clicks on your site through search engine then they find exact what they are looking for. Hence chances of conversion rate to go high goes high.

Account Management : We create and manage your search engine accounts to increase your returns on advertise. Thus we give you free time to get fully engaged in your business.

Reporting : We track every click and provide you detailed report on a specific period.

Our past clients have acquired assistance on the following:

  • Android app development and testing
  • iOS app development and testing
  • Windows app development and testing
  • Blackberry apps development and testing
  • HTML5 applications and websites development
  • Mobile app designing
  • Mobile website designing

We would like to share some insights on the leading mobile platforms for app development we cover. You must have heard of Android and iOS, wait! There are more.

Android:-All set to emerge as the most extensively used smartphone mobile OS. It has registered billions of downloads for about 675000 apps. The Asian market loves it!

iOS:-This is probably the biggest invention Apple has bestowed upon the world. Billions of downloads for 6, 50,000 apps! However the hardware integration is something to die out for.

BlackBerry:-The corporate world worships it. The inception of new range of Blackberry smartphones has a competitive player in the market.

Windows:-The name says it all. Microsoft likes to push it hard to whatever they participate in. Windows run all leading apps.

The process of PPC Management:

  • Setting up an account
  • Setting up campaign
  • Maintenance and Reports

Note : Note: We provide a bidding mechanism, using which advertisers can decide the ads for a keyword would be higher or lower bids which depends on the position they desire for.